BRTC v Newmarket, Saturday October 7th, 2017 

Unfortunately Eric Nutter couldn't join us due to being involved in a recent car accident. We hope that his consequent back problems improve soon.

As a result Phil Payne, Jonathan Becher and Ken Smith represented Newmarket, with Chris Harland standing in for the second doubles match as a Newmarket player! Chris went with the 'try your best' approach, hoping that the game wouldn't be decisive (see later), and to avoid any accusations of bias.

First match had Phil Payne v John Grice. This was John's first match for BRTC and it took a while for him to ease into the game. Phil was sharp, having had a pre-match game on court the day before. The score was 6/0, 6/2 with John putting in a good performance in the second set ready for the doubles match.

John joined Denis Mullan in a really close match against Phil and Jonathan Becher. Both sets went down to the wire. The first set was won by Newmarket on the last game 40 all, game ball, winning the chase with a finely judged shot from Phil. The second set was won similarly by fine margins. Congratulations to Phil and Jonathan against a determined effort from Denis and John. The score was 6/5, 6/4.

Third game was singles, Chris Harland v Jonathan Becher, with Chris winning by 6/2, 6/2. Jonathan found it difficult to get into his game as Chris tried to play a range of serves and shots to keep it difficult for his opponent.

A quick turnaround before the now very important doubles match, with BRTC's Sarah Bryan and Jamie Sinclair v Ken Smith and the borrowed Chris Harland. Luckily Ken was doing the majority of the work for Newmarket. His determination and powerful shots overcame some lengthy rallies with good play between players. Sarah's attempted double on the winning gallery was one of the highlights of a short BRTC comeback. The score was 6/3, 6/3 to make it a winning 3 matches to 1 for Newmarket. 

With pride to play for, Jamie Sinclair played an entertaining singles game against Ken winning 6/4, 6/4. Long rallies and great court coverage were appreciated by the audience of players and Ben Coleman our coach and trusty umpire.

Final score Newmarket 3, BRTC 2. Thanks to Ben for marking and for helping us to have a good day. Well done to our Newmarket visitors.


Chris Harland

Match Manager, BRTC