"What’s on"

November & December 2017

Dear Members,

I am delighted to bring you November’s and December’s “What’s On” and Chairman’s Update. Firstly, I will pick up on a number of Admin related items, and then move on to social and playing matters.


Admin matters

i) There is a new number for the front door , please ring the club for details.


ii) In bright and warm sunshine this summer and early autumn, we have had increasing instances of the front door sticking, so that it does not open when you turn the handle. If it does this, then ring the doorbell.


iii) Donna Sanderson-Hull, running BlueSky Physio, has moved in as our tenant upstairs in the far end of the gallery. We have had a purpose built room constructed for Donna and her colleagues and there is also some rehabilitation exercise equipment in the gallery. Please make Donna and her colleagues, and her   clients, welcome.

We do not expect that their presence will interfere with the running of the court or the enjoyment of playing. The income will be a very welcome boost to our finances, as will be the savings on electricity from the solar panels. Please let Kevin or Ben know of any issues that might arise during this early “honeymoon” period, particularly concerning noise levels.


iv) We have placed the order for a new boiler to replace the one that has done service for 20 years. We do not yet have an installation date.


vi) Remember that we have a new website – www.bristolrealtennisclub.com Check it out, as “they” say.


Social catch up

28 members and guests enjoyed a fun evening of whist last Saturday evening. Thanks go to Jan Fuller, the vdZ’s (van der Zwalmen) and Laurence Brook for organising the evening, which Laurence first proposed. The winning player was Sheila Mullan and runner-up was Kathryn Walker.


Looking some weeks ahead, we have the Christmas drinks evening, with an Exhibition match and The Chawner Challenge, on Wednesday 6 December from 6.30pm.


This is followed in the following week by the Christmas lunch on Thursday 14 December at 1.30pm in The Shakespeare in Redland. Please let Kevin and Ben know whether you wish to attend either or both and do remember to put the dates in your diary.


In house play

We have six inter-club matches in November and one in early December (all bar one being at home). So there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.


We also have the beginning of the Autumn league boxes. If you would like to play in these monthly boxes, then tell Kevin or Ben please.   

Enjoy and have fun, Denis