BRTC v Wellington on Sat 18th November

Wellington Match Report

BRTC travelled to the newest tennis court in the world on Saturday, 18th November. Wellington have added a splendid real tennis court to an impressive sports complex. They have gone for a vibrant indigo which, I must say, looks tremendous. Six tourists played a total of eight matches.


Bristol got off to a good start when Matt Skidmore and James Dron scraped victory by one game. A run of three matches then went against us, with Chris Harland and Julian Hemming, and Angela Probyn and Lindsey Henniker-Heaton pairing up take on stiff opposition for Wellington. Angela also played a singles match. Bristol players acquitted themselves well, though home court advantage proved telling.


Following a very good lunch, battle resumed. Matt, this time paired with Julian, gave Bristol some hope in what had become a run chase, beating the pair who, earlier had done for Angela and Lindsey. Three, two to Wellington with three to play.


Alas, at this point, the Wellington Pro and excellent host, Danny Jones, wheeled out his secret weapon. Max Jones, his son, dispatched James with some élan and, after Lindsey restored some pride for Bristol in his singles, did much the same to Chris, although Chris rallied to take the second set.


Those who lost to Max should console themselves with the thought that he is being coached by his father – and try to forget that he is twelve years old.


Though we lost, we had a great day and highly recommend a visit to Wellington.