BRTC V NEWMARKET Saturday 5th October

On Saturday 5th October, five players from Newmarket braved the long journey to Bristol to play a mixture of singles and doubles. All of the matches were 3x6 game sets, with the third set starting at 3-3. They were also played off level, in spite of some very large handicap ranges in the doubles partnerships.

Every match was hard fought, especially the one between Chris Harland and Charlie Pittaway which went to 40-all in the final set! Bristol started off well with George Wilson winning the first match but thereafter, in spite of best endeavours, Newmarket crept ahead with the final result being 4-2 to Newmarket. Charlie Pittaway was declared man of the match, winning all three of his matches – not bad for a former Bristol University member!

 The match results were:

 Ian Lindsay v George Wilson

6-3 6-1 to Bristol

Charlie Pittaway v Chris Harland

4-6 6-4 6-5 to Newmarket

Ian Lindsay & Suzanne Lindsay v Gary Mendham & Jan Fuller

6-5 1-6 6-5 to Newmarket

Charlie Pittaway & Graham Smith v Bob Stacey & John Dixon

6-4 6-1 to Newmarket

Rachel Pittaway & Charlie Pittaway v Gary Mendham & Angela Probyn

6-1 6-2 to Newmarket

Rachel Pittaway v Gary Mendham

1-6 6-4 6-5 to Bristol