Well the summer drought is over and we have dived head first into the new season of interclub matches.

Newmarket visited us last Saturday and the report is already on this site.

On Sunday 29th September we had a successful visit to Hardwick House  with the following results:

J.Maclachlan v C.Harland 8/3

J.Maclachlan/M.Box v C.Harland/J.Hemming 8/6

T.Tomalin v J.Hemming 6/8

D.O'Sullivan v G.Caswell 5/8

C.Nicholls v G.Wilson 7/8

T.Tomalin/P.Tomalin v G.Wilason/G.Caswell 2/8

And then on Friday 4th October we had our first National League game in well over a decade against a visiting Petworth side.

We are in division 5 (20 -25 handicap) and our 2 man team consists of Tom Lewis and myself(Ben Coleman).

Tom won his singles 6/2 6/1

I won mine 6/1 5/6 6/1

And we won the doubles 8/1

It was a fantastic evening (Thank you to Jan Fuller for providing light snacks for the spectators) and The Legend of Fortress Bristol has begun…

We have a very busy calendar of club matches so please let me know if you would like to play!