THE PONSFORD PLATE -club handicap mixed doubles

The Ponsford Plate was hotly contested on Sunday 10th March. The entry was limited to six couples and, with handicaps ranging from the mid 40’s to the mid 70’s, Ben and KK had a challenging time in arranging the pairings!

 The format was round robins of first to five games or 25 minutes on the clock, with the two most successful couples playing in the final. Several of us had played in the Ponsford Plate before but it was great having a number of ‘first timers’ playing – especially with two of them getting into the final!

 It was down to the last round robin as to whom would contest the final – and what a contest it was between Jan Fuller and Paul Wilson versus Judy Ponsford and Bob Stacey.  Nerves inevitably played their part but neither side was prepared to give an inch. Jan’s game in particular had been going from strength to strength during the course of the day. The score was evenly matched at 4-all, 30-all with Jan and Paul defending two chases of 5 yards but Bob and Judy held their nerve and crept home 5-4.

 Judy and Nick made sure that everyone had an excellent lunch (with plenty of wine!);  KK did an excellent job marking; and Nick had the honour of presenting his wife with the Ponsford Plate. 

Posford Plate 2019 - Winners.jpg
Posford Plate 2019 - Runners up.jpg