Andalucian Supper - Wednesday 4th September


An Andalucian supper was held at the Club on 4th September, with 16 members sitting down to a tasting of three very different sherries and a table wine matched with a selection of Spanish food.

The evening started off with a pre-dinner drink of pink Cava – not from Andalucia but nobody minded!

We then adjourned to the Bretten Room, where the long table was suitably decked and where Bob and Jan worked some magical pairings between the wine and the food. Bob also produced a useful little booklet explaining the different sherries and how they are made. The first course was a Fino sherry with a selection of tapas; this was followed by a Palo Cortada sherry with chilled gazpacho; the main course of spicy chicken was paired with a white table wine made from Palomino grapes; and finally there was an excellent Pedro Ximenez (aka PX) to go with a delectable orange and almond tart and ice cream.

A great time was had by all and, with the witching hour fast approaching, the President gave a vote of thanks to the organisers – and wanted the date of the next tasting

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